Being a visionary, a pioneer and a leader like you are
is a dance of moving through complexity and polarity with integrity and grace.
A path of walking your talk.

It is all about how you do what you do:
your embodiment of your visions and values in your personal and professional life
is your greatest gift to the collective – and to yourself.

In 1:1 Somatic Sessions we step into your unique choreography of being the change:  
How do you want to move through the world?


We work through the body: it is wise and it knows how to transform and heal.
Through a combination of body-based mindfulness, guided somatic inquiry & practice and conversation
I guide you deeper onto your unique path of embodying your most authentic self.


Somatic Sessions are for you if...

– you feel like there could be more ease, more authenticity, more alignment in how you show up for what is important to you
you are ready to transform the embodied, subconscious habits that keep you from living in your highest destiny
– you long for a tangible sense of peacefulness amidst engaging with contradiction, challenges and urgency
– you are looking for holistic support for your body-mind-spirit in becoming more you
– you wish to co-create with the collective bodies you are shaped by and part of, in a liberatory way

Are you ready to tap into your body wisdom,
to find your personal practice of peace
and embodied ways to serve?

I'd love to hear from you 🙂
Email me at
and we can set up a call to get to know each other.