Somatic Balance: How is the left side of your body these days?

How is the left side of your body these days?
And its relationship to the right side of your body? 🌷  

I’m writing you today with a little practice inspiration to explore peace as balance.  

On March 20th was the spring equinox – when the sun arrives exactly on the equator and there will be complete balance between night and day.  

Have you ever thought about how the position of the sun at the beginning of spring affects your body? And conclusively, about how natural cycles (could) play a role in our efforts of creating more just and happy societies?  

During this energetic window of the equinox, we can experience and explore balance in our bodies particularly deeply. Our bodies are nature. Our cellular matrix resonares with the natural cycles of our environment.   

This time therefore presents a wonderful opportunity for a spring-peace-upgrade (sping break is not really an option this year anyway): let’s cultivate our capacity and practical tools for coming back into balance. It’s a core competence of a holistic culture of peace, that my work is all about building.  

Are you up for it, too?  

If you practice yoga, add some more alternate nostril breathing to your practice to hone in on the qualities of balance. And if you have no idea what the heck that is, I have something else for you as your embodied peace training: coming back to the two sides of your body.

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